What to Look for when Hiring a Personal Trainer

Charles Mihlstin - Broward Personal Fitness TrainerIt is important to select the correct personal trainer. The following is what I would recommend to ask before starting with a new trainer.

First, you want to hire someone with as much experience  and knowledge as possible. For myself, 15 years would be the minimum.

Next, I would like to know what type of knowledge and experience,  and if they have any other certifications or degrees they may  have that might be in the health and fitness industry, R N, Paramedic, nutritionist, competitive  in some sort of sport.

Next, I would like to see how he trains his current clients. If he is  attentive, paying attention to detail and form, also is he motivating the client. Does the trainer offer consultations? What are their specialties? Even if you have to pay for the specialties – it will save you money in the long run.

Ask if they work with M.S. patients, disabled patients, bodybuilders, runners, elderly, martial arts, etc – depending on the needs of the client.

Check to see if your trainer can communicate so you understand what they are telling you.

How diverse is your trainer and are they right for you?

Try to get some references, you’ll have no problem with a good trainer. See if they have a plan for you and how long it might take to reach your goal.

There are many trainers out there, find a good one, because its an investment in yourself.

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