Proper Weight Loss

How to get the most out of your weight loss program.

When you loose weight you want to loose body fat. When getting into shape you want to do it properly by building lean muscle to burn body fat.

Why? Muscle is your body’s fat burner. When loosing weight you want to maintain or gain more lean muscle.  The more lean muscle you develop on your frame the more body fat you can burn – it burns 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Please listen, and understand that cardio exercise is an important part of getting into shape. But without including a balanced diet and resistance training, your only getting a small piece of the pie. There are so many other aspects of the puzzle that if you only do cardiovascular movements to get into shape, your results will be limited. You will hit a plateau and the results stop. When you get all the pieces of the puzzle. Your start to burn body fat, get leaner, start to look and feeling great. Then your getting the most out of your weight loss program.

Please note: If you are already doing  cardio exercise, please be sure to stay within your THR ( target heart rate). If you are out of your THR,  you will burn even less fat. So stay with in your THR for maximum results.

Don’t get me wrong – Cardio exercise is important, but without proper nutrition  and resistance training (weight training),  you won’t get great results.

Have you ever watched the Biggest Loser? They create workouts using a combination of Resistance training, Cardiovascular Exercise and a balanced diet to see results. In this case, to get these huge drastic results by training hard everyday, so hard that a doctor is on standby monitoring their health. I do not recommend this form of drastic weight reduction, I like to see a gradual and steady weight loss, so your body adjusts to the new diet and exercise program.

Proper resistance training is the best place to start  for weight loss, muscle building, and fat burning. Again, if your goal is to loose weight – building lean muscle is the first step in your exercise program. Once you start this process, you will certainly burn more body fat.

When you go into the gym next time look at the people weight training and then look at the people just doing cardio. The best bodies in the gym are working out most of the time, and the worst or fattest bodies are doing cardio almost all the time. Don’t be a slave to cardio.

Once you balance your diet and set nutritional goals for weight loss, you should start doing some form of resistance training. Start building your basic foundation muscle groups so you can take the next step to begin incorporating some cardio vascular exercise into your program to really turn on the fat burners. It will become a Win-Win situation for you.

Train smarter not harder.

Good Luck and Happy New Year.

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