Using Proper Weight Training Technique

Chest-ExerciseWhen training any muscle group, it is extremely important to use less weight with proper technique than to use heavier weight with lousy technique  – so throw that ego out the window about using heavier weights to impress anyone.

First, you might get hurt using heavy weight with poor technique, and second your muscles will grow properly if you use solid training techniques with the proper amount of weight.

The body only knows if the weight you are training with is heavy or if its light. So the most important thing to remember is to isolate the muscle, go slow, and to feel the muscle through the entire range of motion. You want to carefully focus on that one muscle group and try not to use any other muscle. This is usually accomplished by not moving any other body parts – just the body part you are training.

When working out, you want to feel the muscle burn, that is the lactic acid build up in the muscle. It’s basically your body telling your brain that its uncomfortable.

Along with focusing on any muscle group, be sure to breathe correctly. On any movement you exhale on the exertion, the hardest part of the motion of the exercise, and inhale on the easiest part of the motion.

Train smarter not harder.

Good luck everybody.

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