H2O and it’s Importance to the Body

by Charles Mihlstin

Drink plenty of water as part of yur diet and exercise programWater, it’s possibly the single most important element in the world to help sustain life. Almost every living thing on earth needs water to sustain life or flourish.

Let’s say you have an individual that weighs 120 lbs. Approximately, *60% of their weight is water, and most of that is inside your vital organs. Every inch of your body has some amount of water in it.

Water is essential for hydration, detoxification, and cleansing the body. When we work out, we expend energy, we start to sweat and our body starts to demand more fluids. Now, if your in a hot climate and were working out, the body demands even more water or fluids. So drink plenty of fluids before, during and after you work out especially in warmer climate areas.

Diabetics (Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar) understand the importance of drinking water, because their bodies do not utilize glucose effectively. Their bodies have trouble controlling glucose levels in their blood. So the water they drink helps dilute the glucose and keep the glucose level down.

Everyone should consume a certain amount of water ever day, depending on your body weight, your workout, or the amount of perspiration you sweat.  The daily water consumption recommendations* are 3 liters per day for males and 2.2 liters per day for females.

* Mayoclinic.com

Drink to your health!

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