by Charles Mihlstin

You might already know this, that dark green leafy vegetables like spinach are very healthy, have high nutritional values, and are quite beneficial for your body.

Spinach promotes improved muscle strength. In test tube study, at Rutgers University, in N.J., studies show that treating human cells with a compound found in spinach (phytoecdysteroid), increases protein synthesis by 20%.

Studies also show that it increases grip strength. Phytoecdysteriod acts like a weak steroid to help increase growth and strength. Studies not yet determine how much spinach is needed to have this effect on  a person, but adding this food to your diet or weight loss program can only have a positive effect on your health.

Spinach is a good antioxidant, has well has having vitamin K, fights free radicals, helps fight prostate cancer and controls blood sugar levels.

In the cartoon, Popeye the sailor, Popeye ate spinach and got bigger, stronger. Amazingly, this was the movie industry’s attempt to use a cartoon to help get kids to eat their spinach.

Green leafy vegetables, like spinach, should be in  every ones diet. The more vegetables you eat, the healthy your diet will be. You can reek the rewards of spinach or other greens by adding them into your foods, cooking with them, and eating green leafy vegetables several times a day.

To Your Heath.

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