Nutritional weight loss tip of the week – Oysters

by Charles Mihlstin

Oysters, If you like to eat oysters , can help add power to your workouts, and eat some healthy.

Oysters are healthy and can  help you loss weight, fat. Ounce for ounce, no other food can compare to the amount of zinc found in a oyster.  About 6 medium oysters contains about 77 milligrams, which is 7 times more than the daily  requirement for men. Zinc is an essential mineral for so many of the  cellulars metabolism.

It is also important for maintaining good  testosterone levels. You will want as much testosterone has your body can produce naturally. Testosterone is the most anabolic hormone your body produces. That means the more testosterone you have in you body, the bigger and stronger you can get.

Good quality food, means high performance from your body, better work outs and the end result is a better body.

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