Your New Years Resolution

The New Year is here and it’s time for your new years resolution.
by Charles Mihlstin

Ok, just about every person in the world wants to get into better shape, and most of us want to loose body fat and put on some lean muscle.

I know we all  put on a few extra pounds over the holidays. We need to tighten up our eating habits and eat better quality foods.

We need to eat smaller meals and eat 5 to 6 times daily. This is an easy way to get started on your nutritional, weight loss diet plan.

Let’s start by saying that all the food you eat is bad or fattening, its not true but lets say it is.

Lets say 100% of the food you eat is fattening. I want you to take 25% of the fating food you eat out of diet for the next 3-4 weeks.

Then after that period of time, take another 25% of the fattening food out of your diet for the next 3-4 weeks.

Now do it one more time. Take another 25% of the fattening food out of your diet for the next 3-4 weeks.

Once you complete this simple 3 month plan – You will have started to replace those fattening foods with better quality foods in your diet. Now you are eating more  salads, vegetables, brown rice, fish, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, complex carbs, EFAs, dairy, and a vitamin supplement.

If you try to make better food choices in your diet, there’s no way you are not going to loose body fat and get into better shape. During the change in your diet, you can start incorporating some type of resistance training along with your change in eating habits – you will see great results.

Try to stay away from the high saturated fats and be careful on the sugar. Keep away from mayonnaise, white bread, too much red meat, chips, desserts and candy.

If you can make these types of changes in your diet, you could certainly loose up to 50lbs over this 12 week cycle.

Any questions or need any help, please call or e-mail me.

Best of luck.

Charles Traveling across Canada

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Using Proper Weight Training Technique

Chest-ExerciseWhen training any muscle group, it is extremely important to use less weight with proper technique than to use heavier weight with lousy technique  – so throw that ego out the window about using heavier weights to impress anyone.

First, you might get hurt using heavy weight with poor technique, and second your muscles will grow properly if you use solid training techniques with the proper amount of weight.

The body only knows if the weight you are training with is heavy or if its light. So the most important thing to remember is to isolate the muscle, go slow, and to feel the muscle through the entire range of motion. You want to carefully focus on that one muscle group and try not to use any other muscle. This is usually accomplished by not moving any other body parts – just the body part you are training.

When working out, you want to feel the muscle burn, that is the lactic acid build up in the muscle. It’s basically your body telling your brain that its uncomfortable.

Along with focusing on any muscle group, be sure to breathe correctly. On any movement you exhale on the exertion, the hardest part of the motion of the exercise, and inhale on the easiest part of the motion.

Train smarter not harder.

Good luck everybody.

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Working Abdominals Properly!

Working Your Abs the Right WayLet me start off by saying that abs are the only body part that if you don’t breath properly, you will not workout your abs correctly.

You ask why?
When you take a breath in you expand your lungs and abdomen, that means you cannot contract your abs properly. You must breath out on the exertion of the movement. If you don’t, you will not contract the muscle, you won’t stimulate muscle fibers, the end result will be no progress.

When you do breath out, you will contract your abs with maximum force, and the ultimate result is the muscle was fully stimulated.

Remember folks, you must work your upper abs and your lower abs, equally. Don’t forget about your obliques or intercostals.

By the way, don’t work your love handles they will only get bigger.

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My Favorite Dieting Tips

These are my favorite way to diet:

  1. Drink 1 or 2 large glasses of water before you eat your meal.  This will help fill you up before eating too much.
  2. When eating salad, get the dressing on the side,  dip the fork in the dressing so you only get a little bit on the end. You will use only a fraction of the amount of dressing you normally consume.
  3. Take a short walk after you eat so the food can digest, and of course burn a few calories.
  4. When eating dessert, use a smaller dessert plate and don’t select portions larger than the plate itself. Go for the smaller portions or share it with your significant other.
  5. THE MORE VEGETABLES you eat, the better. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals with reduced amounts of calories.  They are high in fiber and antioxidants. These are the building blocks of a healthy body.
  6. You can warm up with a 5 minutes of cardio exercise to get the blood flowing to your muscles, but you do your real cardio exercise after your workout. When your body exhausts the fuel stored in your system, the body will begin to search for fat to convert to energy.  That last 10-15 minutes of cardio exercise will let you take advantage of your workout to burn more fat.

Eat wisely this holiday season and get that workout in.

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My Trip to the MMA Tristar Gym

Charles at the Tristar Gym in Canada

Charles at the Tristar Gym in Canada

I recently traveled to Canada and while I was there, I had a chance to visit the world famous MMA Tristar Gym. That’s where Georges St-Pierre trains, the UFC Middle Weight Champion of the MMA world. I found out, that is where many other MMA champions fighters now train.

Charles and Georges "Rush" St-Pierre at Tristar Gym

Tristar Gym puts out more MMA champions then possibly any other gym in the world. This gym had it all, atmosphere, great trainers, MMA Coaches, other great fighters to train with, and my favorite part was – this gym is a hard core, blood and sweat type of place. The gym took up the whole floor of an industrial building. Simply amazing.

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre (G.S.P.) was working out at the time when we arrived. After he finished his training session, GSP graciously spent a few minutes with us. He is a sincere focused champion and a well grounded person. It was great to meet someone like GSP to see that all that fame does not affect him. We also spent some time talking with a few other MMA fighters.  Everyone was great. We also found that all the fighters shared a strong desire to train hard but were truly friendly.

Here are some pictures that GPS was kind enough to allow us to take in his gym – enjoy.

Why is it important to do weight training, resistance training, and cardio exercise?

In the mixed martial arts world, the most important things to train are proper technique,  cardio vascular stamina, and muscular endurance.

You need to be able to go at least 15 minutes (three 5 minute rounds) of fighting or you are not going be much of a fighter.

You want your legs, back, arms, shoulders, abs (core area), etc, to be as strong as possible.

You want to be able to have that endurance so when your in the 2nd and 3rd round – you have the strength and speed to keep pressing on and not get gased out.

You want to be well rounded in all areas of the mixed martial arts game. Its going to make you a better fighter.

I have been in the industry for 25 years and can help take your fitness to a whole new level.

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How to Eat During the Holidays

How to eat smart during the holidays and not destroy your diet and all the hard work you have put in at the gym.

When eating during the holidays you don’t want to deprive yourself of any food, but its how much you eat.

Before you start eating these holiday feasts, you should drink 1-2 glasses of water before your meal, this will make your stomach feel a little full and will help you eat less.

We know these holiday meals could last for hours, so try to eat more of the foods that are not as fattening as the desserts like natural foods – ex: vegetables.

The last bit of advice is to go easy on eating the desserts, eat smaller portions, taste it – not feast on it. Try not to go overboard, but enjoy yourself,  it is the holidays.

If you only eat the bad stuff for a couple of days, then your weight gain will be minimal. It’s when you keep eating all the heavy food and the leftovers day after day that will challenge your waistline.  Be smart and you can eat anything you what, but do it in moderation.

Happy Holidays !

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What to Look for when Hiring a Personal Trainer

Charles Mihlstin - Broward Personal Fitness TrainerIt is important to select the correct personal trainer. The following is what I would recommend to ask before starting with a new trainer.

First, you want to hire someone with as much experience  and knowledge as possible. For myself, 15 years would be the minimum.

Next, I would like to know what type of knowledge and experience,  and if they have any other certifications or degrees they may  have that might be in the health and fitness industry, R N, Paramedic, nutritionist, competitive  in some sort of sport.

Next, I would like to see how he trains his current clients. If he is  attentive, paying attention to detail and form, also is he motivating the client. Does the trainer offer consultations? What are their specialties? Even if you have to pay for the specialties – it will save you money in the long run.

Ask if they work with M.S. patients, disabled patients, bodybuilders, runners, elderly, martial arts, etc – depending on the needs of the client.

Check to see if your trainer can communicate so you understand what they are telling you.

How diverse is your trainer and are they right for you?

Try to get some references, you’ll have no problem with a good trainer. See if they have a plan for you and how long it might take to reach your goal.

There are many trainers out there, find a good one, because its an investment in yourself.

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Getting Started

It’s actually very easy.

You only have to put in 1 1/2 – 2 hours weekly to get started and see results.

You can go to the gym or you can do it in your house.

You don’t really need any weights but a stretch band would be great and costs about $5-10.

  • OK you first start by getting the body warmed up. 5-10 minutes of some sort of cardio exercise, like walking or bike riding, would be great.
  • Next, stretch out your entire body especially the body parts you are going to work out that day.
  • Now for the next 3-4 weeks, you are going to do 2-3 sets per body part. 15-20 reps per set and try to do 3-4 body parts per workout.
  • Only workout 3-4 days per week for now. Remember, “Less is More”. That means more working out isn’t going to get you in shape quicker.

Also remember that technique is the most important part of working out. In about four weeks or so, we can start advancing your workout to the next Level. When you are ready, I can help you with that too.

Nutrition is the most important thing you can do to get your body looking the way you want. The old saying is true, “You are what you eat”. Everyone needs a balanced diet. What does that mean? We all need a little bit of the different food groups. Most people do not eat enough vegetables or the right amount of lean protein, nuts, seeds, EFAs, whole grains, dairy and eat way too much carbohydrates.

Every person is an individual and that means everyone has different nutritional needs. So for each person to reach their goal or ideal weight, that person should get a customized nutritional program designed for them.

If you consume more calories then you burn off, you will gain weight. So you need to find that balance.

If you are ready to get back into shape or begin molding your body for the next contest – contact me.  I can help you attain your fitness goals.

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I believe in diversity training, which means taking any exercises and putting them into  any order that  you  can get results. core work, weight training, aerobics, etc.

Charlie Mihlstin - Professional Fitness Trainer

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